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Past Elections

Past Election Results & Statistics:

2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018

See below for info on past Green Candidates from Waterford

Past Green Candidates

An Account of Green Candidates Since the WGP's Founding in 2013

Billy G. Collins

2014 & 2015

Billy G. Collins ran for State Representative for District 38 in 2014 and for Board of Selectmen in 2015.

Kevin P. Kelly


Kevin Kelly ran for Board of Education in 2015, garnering 1,202 votes and over 6% of the total vote.

Deb Roselli Kelly


Deb Kelly ran for RTM District 3 in 2015, garnering almost 400 votes and 8% of the total vote. 

Baird Welch-Collins


Baird Welch-Collins ran for RTM in District 2 in 2015, garnering over 10% of the vote. He has since been appointed as a Justice of the Peace and to the Flood and Erosion Control Board.

Joshua Steele Kelly


Josh Kelly ran for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate in the 2015 municipal elections and is the first Green in Waterford to win an election. Since that time, he has been appointed to the Conservation Commission as an Alternate and has been appointed as a Justice of the Peace.

Lauren Shaw


Lauren Shaw ran for State Representative for District 38 in 2016 and won nearly 5% of the vote in Waterford.


The Waterford Greens won seven out of nine of the races in which they nominated candidates in 2017, which included winning a seat in every RTM district. This led to the creation of the first Green legislative caucus in the State of Connecticut's history. Candidates included Kevin Kelly (BOF), Deb Roselli Kelly (BOE)*, Mike Buscetto III (BAA)*, Billy G. Collins (ZBA), Darcy Van Ness (ZBAA)*, Andrew Frascarelli (RTM D1)*, Baird Welch Collins (RTM D2)*, Joshua Steele Kelly (RTM D3)*, and Carl D'Amato (RTM D4)*.