Waterford, Connecticut 
Green Party


Waterford Green Party passes resolution in support of endorsement of Baird Welch-Collins.

What is the Waterford Green Party?

We are a group of Waterford, CT residents who are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, and regular citizens who have had enough of corporate-dominated politics. The Waterford chapter of the Green Party was founded in 2013, and the Waterford Green Party Town Committee was formed in 2015. A list of our current party officers can be found here.

As an organization, we strive to promote and follow the Ten Key Values of the Green Party:
  1. Grassroots Democracy
  2. Social Justice and Equal Opportunity
  3. Ecological Wisdom
  4. Non-Violence
  5. Decentralization
  6. Economic Justice
  7. Feminism and Gender Equity
  8. Respect for Diversity
  9. Personal and Global Responsibility
  10. Future Focus and Sustainability

Upcoming Events

Thursday, Apr 22 All Day
Saturday, May 1 All Day
Sunday, Jul 4 All Day
Sunday, Oct 31 All Day