Waterford, Connecticut 
Green Party


Letters to the Editor

Interested in having your voice heard? Writing letters to the editor about issues that matter to you is a great way to help generate community discussion.

We encourage individuals to write about Green issues and in support of Green candidates, but please DO NOT write a letter on behalf of the Waterford Green Party without first getting the content of the letter approved by Party officials. If you would like to write a letter on behalf of the Party, please email us at info@waterfordgreenparty.org.

 Word Count
 220 Max.
 Letters to the Editor
The Day, P.O. Box 1231
New London, CT 06320
Norwich Bulletin

 10 Railroad Place

Norwich, CT 06360


Keep your letter between 150 and 250 words, but check the newspaper's website for specific word count limitations.

Keep it relevant.  

Your letter should reference an article, editorial, other letters to the editor, a recent or future event, or some element of the newspaper's coverage.

Make a strong point.  

Take a stance on an issue and use facts and figures whenever possible.  If you have specialized knowledge or experience, go ahead and mention it.  Use the letter as an opportunity to educate others, and avoid unnecessary jargon or acronyms.

Identify yourself.  

Include your name, address, phone number, and signature.  The newspaper won't publish this information, but they may want to contact you to verify information or let you know your letter will be published.

Send your letter.  

Email your letter to the editor of your local paper.  Most newspaper email addresses can also be found on the newspaper's website.

Special thanks to the Bergen County Green Party for their wonderful summary of how to write a letter to the editor.