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News & Updates

News & Updates

Waterford Greens Make Further Endorsements, Run Candidate for Each Office

Posted on July 31, 2017 at 10:30 PM

FOR RELEASE July 30, 2017

Media Contact: Joshua Steele Kelly, [email protected]

Waterford Greens Make Further Endorsements, Run Candidate for Each Office

Waterford, CT- The Waterford Green Party held their second nominating convention of the 2017 season on the morning of July 29th, 2017. The party voted to endorse four more candidates, which included Deb Roselli Kelly for Board of Education, Andrew Frascarelli for Representative Town Meeting District 1, Darcy Van Ness for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, and Mike Buscetto for Board of Assessment Appeals. These new candidates join the five Greens that were endorsed in June, which includes Kevin Kelly for Board of Finance, Billy Collins for Zoning Board of Appeals, Baird Welch-Collins for RTM D2, Joshua Steele Kelly for RTM D3, and Carl D’Amato for RTM D4.

With a total of nine candidates running for office, the Green Party is officially running one candidate for each board in 2017, a first for the recently-formed town committee. Six of those candidates were also endorsed by the town Democrats, and the Waterford Green Party hopes that this cooperation between the two parties is the first step towards increasing town dialogue on policy and improving our town unity. The Green campaigns will focus on a multitude of issues, including transparency, improving our public schools, utilizing eco-friendly infrastructure, promoting small business growth, and more.

The Waterford Green Party is holding a community music festival at the Cohanzie Firehouse on Saturday, August 5th, which will start at 5:00pm. They are also helping to produce the Bright Theatre Festival on August 11-12, which will aim to raise money to promote mental health and suicide prevention. Other campaign events are being planned and will be announced over the next few months on their website,

-End Release-

Categories: Press Releases, Elections, Grassroots Democracy

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