Waterford, Connecticut 
Green Party

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2017 Waterford Clean-a-thon

The Waterford Green Party organized a day-long clean-up of the town, titled the “Waterford Clean-a-thon”, which was held on Saturday, June 24, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. With the help of almost a dozen volunteers from the community, the party managed to collect 99.41 pounds of litter from off the streets. Volunteers included three of the Waterford Green Party’s candidates for the 2017 election and several residents-at-large. A volunteer from Waterford High School was even able to earn service hours towards his graduation requirements.


In a show of true dedication, the team began their day working through a torrential downpour while they cleared Spera Field and Gardiners Wood Road. After several hours of rain the sun came out, and volunteers met at the Waterford Public Library and cleaned around the civic triangle, making sure to stop by both the Waterford Police Department’s open house and the town Farmers’ Market. The Clean-a-thon ended with the group cleaning from Town Hall to Clark Lane Middle School. This is the first year that the party executed the Clean-a-thon, but it has held numerous other clean-ups each summer over the past several years. The party is very proud of all it accomplished today, and it hopes that today’s event will help to ignite a conversation within the community about what we can do to each better our town and better our local ecosystems. Below you can see the amount of trash that each volunteer collected!