Waterford, Connecticut Green Party

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At 3:00pm on Saturday, June 17, 2017, the Waterford Green Party met at the Waterford Public Library to endorse candidates for the 2017 municipal elections. Five were endorsed at this meeting, including Kevin Kelly for Board of Finance, Billy Gene Collins for Zoning Board of Appeals, Baird Welch-Collins for Representative Town Meeting (RTM) District 2, Joshua Steele Kelly for RTM D3, and Carl D'Amato for RTM D4. The party anticipates endorsing another three candidates at their July meeting, the date and time of which will be announced in the near future.

The Day published an article about the event, and a more detailed account of the event that includes more information about the candidates endorsed at the meeting can be found here.

Since 2014, the Waterford Green Party has proudly run candidates in every election held in town. In 2015 we won our first seat in a town election, and in 2016 our candidate for State Representative, Lauren Shaw, nearly doubled the number of votes that the party had previously garnered for the seat. In 2016 we also picked up an alternate seat on the Conservation Commission, and two of our members, Josh Kelly and Baird Welch-Collins, became Justices of the Peace for the State of Connecticut.

If you are interested in running for office at any point, even for offices up for election in the more distant future, we recommend that you contact the Waterford Green Party as soon as possible. We enjoy hearing from dedicated individuals that are interested in public service, and we are looking forward to working with you!