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Dr. Jill Stein in Connecticut!

Dr. Jill Stein will be holding TWO rallies in Connecticut on Thursday, July 21. The first in New London at the Garde Gallery, and the second in Stamford at the Stamford Innovation Center. Both rallies will focus on petitioning and fundraising. Please contact us to sign the petition to get Dr. Jill Stein on the ballot in CT. Even just 10 signatures makes a difference. Hope to see you there, more information can be found under the Events section, or by liking us on Facebook. 

The Fight for Ballot Access

Connecticut is one of a handful of states that requires minority parties to petition for ballot access. Dr. Jill Stein requires 7,500 signatures to be allowed onto the ballot this coming November. Even if you are not sure for whom you are voting, or you think you will vote for somebody else, sign up on her petition because you believe that Americans should have a choice. Because you believe that the two party system is rigged, and would like to see it change. A signature is a vote only in the sense that you are voting for greater democracy. 

For more about Presidential Nominee Dr. Jill Stein, please visit: www.jill2016.com

For more information, contact info@waterfordgreenparty.org

Who We Are

We are Waterford residents that have come together to form an independent, progressive political party. We are grassroots activists, environmentalists, advocates for social justice, non-violent resisters, and regular citizens who have had enough of corporate-dominated politics.

The Waterford Green Party is an official chapter of the Green Party of Connecticut. For more information about the GPCT, click here.

Our Mission

The Green Party of Waterford, Connecticut shall follow the ideals of grassroots democracy, social justice and equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, non-violence, decentralization, community-based economics and economic justice, feminism and gender equity, respect for diversity, personal and global responsibility, and future focus and sustainability while striving to improve the local and global community for the benefit of the people.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, Nov 8 at 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Saturday, Apr 22 All Day
Monday, May 1 All Day
Sunday, Apr 22 All Day

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